The voters of Palatine Township soundly defeated the District 15 $27 million bond referendum, with about 67% voting NO. However, the District’s disinformation campaign continues. The TribLocal reports that the Interim Superintendent is “unsure of how to pay for capital improvements”, and says that the District has “few options”. The Daily Herald reports that cuts are inevitable (in spite of the fact that none of this money was earmarked for teacher salaries or programs).

Because all of us who spearheaded the movement to get this referendum on the ballot care deeply about our children’s education, and the future of our School District, I am going to give the District a helpful hint on how to proceed: Come up with a plan that prioritizes and schedules the improvements in a responsible manner, figure out what absolutely needs to be done right now, and just do it. Dip into those excess reserves that you didn’t even know you had 6 months ago! Spend some of that money that you had budgeted for capital expenditures last year, but never used, or some of the 1.4 million surplus in the Operations and Maintenance fund. These monies were apparently left untouched in the hopes that the $27 million bond issue would pass. It didn’t pass, but the money is still there. Use it wisely. Or, reconsider Sue Quinn’s compromise that was suggested at the March 10 board meeting, to issue $6 million in bonds that would not require expensive refunding fees and would keep the District below the debt ceiling. The sky isn’t falling, and there are other options out there.

Check out the Daily Herald Article here:


  1. Vicki Wilson says:

    Very well said, Mary. There are definitely other options. All we ask for is accountability and transparency.

  2. TOSP says:

    Congratulations to all of you that brought accountability to the Board when the Board majority tried to circumvent it. While not unexpected it is sad that the immediate response from the administration is that the sky is falling, look at what those horrible petition people have done! There is no, or not enough, money for roof repairs and the implicit message that there will be cuts [read punitive cuts]; cuts that the former Assistant Super is on the record stating were inevitable. The bond was never tied to cuts but would in part embellish the “$55.0M union pay raise slush fund”. Perhaps through Navigate15 we can now guide and advise Mr. Thompson on how to do his job with what he has. The one trick pony of tax hikes is for now settled. Hoping against hope maybe those who draw taxpayer funds in the form of salaries can actually do the jobs they were hired to do within the budgets they are given. Congratulations to everyone who forced this issue to ballot!

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