District 15 has finally released an email that it had previously omitted from its response to a Freedom of Information Act request for all District and Board member emails regarding the $27 million bond issue. Better late than never, I suppose.

The email in question may shed light on differences that arose between Dr. Lukich and the board majority, which may have helped to accelerate his departure from District 15.

On March 26 Board President Chapman sent Lukich an email asking why the list of capital projects had not been posted on the District’s website yet. Lukich responded:

“Following your phone discussion this am Friday, I sent the attached
email to Merilee, Jim and Craig to agree and finalize the list we
reviewed and revised Monday of this week at cabinet and by phone with
Merilee. Once done it will be placed on the website as you requested.
All agreed it needed some changes before it went to board and public.
Craig produced the draft from a combination of documents including
health life safety unaddressed projects. The list needed refined and
agreement since it addressed all buildings in district. I am not sure
it will pass board scrutiny before being placed public.
I will copy
board with this communication and the attached earlier communication
before Monday’s cabinet review. That is the reason the list is not on
the website as we discussed.

Dan L”

Perhaps Chapman was not happy with Lukich’s comment that he was not sure the list of capital projects would pass muster with the board. It certainly did not pass muster with the public when it was finally posted on April 1.


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