Interim Superintendent Scott Thompson and Mike Adamczyk, Assistant Super for Business services, are planning to discuss the bond issue at 1 pm at Plum Grove Junior High on Wednesday, October 13. I have warned Mr. Thompson about the potential legal dangers of advocating for the bond referendum on District property, during District school hours, but he seems convinced that he will not be violating any laws. However, I believe that what he and Mr. Adamczyk are proposing may be a clear violation of both the Election Interference Act (“No public funds shall be used to urge any elector to vote for or against any candidate or proposition”) and the State Officials and Employees Ethics Act, which also prohibits the use of public resources to support passage of a ballot proposition.

Mr. Thompson and the board members who support the proposed $27 million working cash bond issue are free to campaign, canvass, urge and cajole the voters or Palatine Township to their hearts content, but NOT ON DISTRICT PROPERTY AND NOT WHILE THEY ARE ON THE DISTRICT CLOCK. If they really want to reach out to the voters they should choose a non-District venue, either before or after school hours.


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