The hearing on Crabbe and Goyle’s (oops, I meant Grabbe and MacDonald’s) objections to our petition to put the bond issue on the ballot in November has been scheduled for Monday April 26 at 7 pm at Sundling Junior High in the regular board meeting room. This hearing is open to the public, and I hope that many people will attend to remind the board that you are still paying attention! Wear red if you please.

The “electoral board” is comprised of Jerry Chapman, Tim Millar, and June Becker, who will be acting as judge and jury, and deciding the validity of the objections. I understand that much of the hearing process will take place at the County Clerk’s office downtown, where the original voter registration and signature information is kept. 

We have been working literally night and day to review the objections and we believe the vast  majority of them are without merit.
Hundreds of objections were made to signatures because the reviewer did not believe the petition circulator’s signature was “legible”. Last time I checked, legibility was not a requirement.   Hundreds of signatures were objected to as being “not genuine”. Once again, we can easily obtain affidavits of signers if their signatures don’t exactly match their voter registration cards they signed 10 years ago. The funny thing about those “not genuine signature” objections is that, to my knowledge, the petition reviewers did not have access to the voter signature cards because they did all their work at home or at Flamm’s HQ. So, they have no basis for saying any signatures are not genuine.  Also, hundreds of signatures were objected to as being duplicates, which clearly were not. 

These are just examples of some of the frivolous objections which were filed by Flamm’s stooges.  Too bad I can’t ask for sanctions against them for filing vexatious and harassing pleadings – but Illinois law says you don’t get sanctions in election cases.  Oh well, there are always potential civil damages… but that is another lawsuit for another day.  I sure hope Crabbe and Goyle know what they are getting themselves into!  I doubt it because my bet would be that they have not looked at single petition page in this matter, because FLAMM”S FLUNKIES did it all for them.

Bring it on!

Please come out and show your support as we battle the “machine” tonight!

We are confident that ultimately we will prevail and the issue will go on the ballot in November. But I doubt that I will get a fair hearing in King Chapman’s court, and further litigation will most likely be necessary.

Have a great weekend and I hope you can come to the hearing on Monday.



  1. Judy says:

    Gerry Chapman reviewing the validity of the signatures – the fox guarding the hen house. As Sue Quinn so aptly put it – only in Illinois.

  2. Maggie says:

    Ms. Vanek, You know, I have been following this situation very closely and I find your name calling very childish and unprofessional. Why must you call Mr. Chapman “King” and joke about “Crabbe and Goyle?” I makes me wonder if you are genuinely committed to this, or are just using the bond issue as an excuse to call people names and defame someone you choose not to like. I find it hard to believe in your efforts because of the name calling. Think about it.

    • maryvanek says:

      Actually, I did not know that you were following this issue so closely, but I am glad that you are. I am sorry that you do not appreciate my sense of humor. You can stop wondering about whether I am genuinely committed to getting the bond issue on the ballot – A person would have to be out of their mind to spend as much time, effort and money on this issue as the Bonds on the Ballot team has spent, without being genuinely committed to it. The fact that Grabbe and MacDonald were absent from the meeting tonight makes me wonder how committted they are to this issue, or whether they just use it as an excuse to falsely accuse people of forging petition signatures, and falsely accuse people of submitting photocopies of signatures as originals. Maybe you can ask them the next time you see them.

  3. TOSP says:

    Mary, you should be gentler to Maggie and her concerns. Remember that name calling and slander by unioin stooges works only one way. If memory serves, you have been defamed on more than one ocassion by Babcock and her croonies. Perhaps Maggie’s myopic world view missed that one. Maggie, the two stooges of Flim Flamm and the teacher’s union have indeed initiated the name calling by disparaging 168 petition circulators and the thousands who signed the petitions stating that the petitions and signatures are fraudulent; meaning, these people commited fraud. I also note that these objections contain no evidentiary substantiation; simply name calling hoping some of crap they hurl against the wall will stick. Hang in there Mary and everyone else who worked so hard to loosen the strangle hold the teacher’s and administratior’s unions have on Palatine. While some signatures may ultimately be disqualified, it will only be a fraction of what the teacher’s union – oops, sorry, Grabbe and MacDonald, objected to in their righteous, altruistic quest to uphold corruption and financial waste by the Board majority.

  4. LM says:

    TOSP – You put it so eloquently.

  5. People for the Ethical Treatment of Taxpayers says:

    I agree, Mary said it well.

    As for Maggie (is that really Chapman, Grabbe or MacDonald? Perhaps Flamm?), if you had truly been following this situation closely you would realize that “King, Crabbe & Goyle” are actually very charitable names, all things considered.

    If you don’t like what’s being written on this blog, don’t read it!

    Now run along and do something that’s “for the children” why don’t you?

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